Veg-Cure 508-30k Celery Powder – Natural Nitrite Cure

Veg-Cure 508-30k Celery Powder – Natural Nitrite Cure

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Veg-504 has been discontinued and replaced with Veg-508. The new 508 powder is the same as the 504 powder but DOUBLE the strength. So use half the amount of 508 as you would 504.

This product contains a KNOWN amount of nitrite as it is standardized to contain 30,000 ppm (parts per million).

This product is used as a natural way to cure your products. Celery is juiced, then fermented to covert (reduce) some of the nitrate to nitrite. After the juice is fermented it is tumble dried, then its nitrite content is measured. Once the nitrite content is found the powder is standardized by bulking with sea salt (much the same way cure is). This process is done after ever harvest, as the nitrite content varies from batch to batch, but will consistently be standardized to the same ppm for consistency. It does not impart a celery flavor to your product. This is the industry standard for natural nitrite cures, and is used commercially by many famous Salumeria’ in the US.

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  1. I love this curing agent. I prefer a naturally occurring source of nitrite to the artificial.

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