Savini Tartufi Black Truffle Sea Salt (1#/454g)

Savini Tartufi Black Truffle Sea Salt (1#/454g)


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This is a truly special truffle salt, and we’ve tasted a lot of brands before settling on Savini Tartufi products. What makes this truffle salt special is that it contains 3% black truffle, which makes this the most aromatic black truffle salt experienced to date. Other companies do not put this much in their salt, and when asked the amount they will never disclose the concentration of actual truffle they put in. Savini Tartufi is an honest company making delicious products, and for that, we thank you…

Sold as seen in 1#/454g bags.


One 1#/454g bag per 40# of meat at 2.5% use level.

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Weight 1.05 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in


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