Bactoferm™ Mold-600

Bactoferm™ Mold-600


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Mold present on traditional sausages prevents myotoxin formation by wild molds. It allows for uniform drying and contributes positively towards flavor. It forms a nice, white mold on the surface of your product. The strain of mold secrete enzymes that also contribute towards the development of flavor in your final product over the drying time.


Always store your cultures below 1?F for a shelf life of 18 months. If stored above 41?F the shelf life is 6 weeks.

Sold by the pack.

Use is 25g pack per 10L of distilled water.

Dip product in solution prior to fermentation, or spray on while hanging in the fermentation chamber. What works best is if you soak the rinsed casings in the mold solution before stuffing, then apply after in the fermentation chamber.

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