Bactoferm™ F-RM-52

Bactoferm™ F-RM-52



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This culture blend contains Lactobacillus sakei and Staphylococcus carnosus, and it was developed for the production of fast fermented North European products. It is “medium aggressive” in acid production during fermentation, so the rate of lactic acid production can be more easily controlled in comparison to very fast acid producers (like Pediococcus strains, generally speaking).

Overall, many producers in the industry use this culture blend, and a more modern use of the culture is to blend it with other strains to yield a custom culture that contains all the strains generally found in Italian products.

SUPER IMPORTANT…! The lactic acid producing strain of bacteria in this blend does NOT ferment sucrose (sugar, turbinado, demerara etc). If you only use this culture you will HAVE to use a simple sugar (dextrose) for the bacteria to convert to lactic acid. This is not the same for the other cultures we carry that do ferment sucrose…

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