Scalzo Conserve Wild Fennel Seeds; exclusively from Calabria (bulk 500g)

Scalzo Conserve Wild Fennel Seeds; exclusively from Calabria (bulk 500g)



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Highly selected wild fennel seeds from the mountains and valleys of Calabria. The old company il Magnifici del Mezzogiorno has since been dissolved, but we have sourced the original product direct from the source now! While it may be a different name it is the same great product we have always sold.

These selected seeds come exclusively from Calabria, and are much smaller in comparison to the Wild Mountain Fennel Seeds we carry. The flavor of these seeds are much more intense, and color much darker as well! They are our prized product we sell, and a staple for those looking to make Finocchiona, or even in the preparation of a truly spectacular Peperone when used with our Calabrian Peperoncino products.

We use this product to make the famed “Finocchiona”. When using this product it is important to toast it before cracking and adding to your paste. Our recommendations is that you use this at 0.5% the weight of the meat.  This bag at 0.5% will season about 50# of meat, and if used in combination with our Fennel Pollen it will stretch to 100#. If using it in collaboration with Fennel Pollen we suggest using this at 0.25% the weight of the meat. Use the Fennel Pollen at 0.25% as well for a total of 0.5% fennel product.

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1.1#, 500g (Solo Retail)


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