Sodium Erythorbate – 1# Bag

Sodium Erythorbate – 1# Bag


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Sodium Erythorbate is classified as a cure accelerator. What this does is cause your curing reaction to happen faster, and by doing so the color of your product remains much more vibrant for longer. This product also adds protection against fat rancidity in your product, which is an added plus. It is a must for adding to bacon by regulations, and a great addition to any liver preparations as it gives you days more of nice color.

0.05% the weight of the meat (for ground, comminuted products)

Using 0.06-0.15%:

This use level is mentioned for brine and brine injected products. Specifically for brine injected, say you plan to inject 30% of brine by weight into the muscle, well, you have a max of 500ppm allowed in the muscle. To achieve this you will have to make the brine strength stronger, so 0.15% is equivalent to 1500ppm, but if you inject only 30% the final concentration in the muscle is 450ppm in the muscle. You work like this you will maintain compliance.

1# per 2000# of meat at use level of 500ppm = 0.05%

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