Ring Butchers Twine Knife

Ring Butchers Twine Knife



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These are small little knives that fit on your finger, and they are used to quickly cut butchers twine and casings through production. They come in many sizes, and can be worn on any finger of preference. For use with sausages we have found it works easiest if placed on your pinky finger or ring finger. The knife is also compliant to be used in food preparation, and the blade is made from a hardened stainless steel. This make will resist corrosion and stay sharp. You will be surprised just how much time using this knife saves as well. Think, you no longer have to stop, grab a knife, cut the string, cut the casing… That task over a lot of production adds up, and with this twine knife it truly speeds up your skill.

Remember, when sizing the right ring for you they start at what may seem like bigger sizes due to them being designed to be worn over gloves. If you work in a USDA facility, for example, and wear warm gloves under your nitrile you may want to get a large diameter ring to fit over the gloves.

Please refer to the sizing table and chart below to find out what would be best for you.

(Twine Knife = Standard Ring Size):

Size 9 = Ring Size 11 (20.6mm)

Size 10 = Ring Size 12 (21.4mm)

Size 11 = Ring Size 13 (22.2mm)

Size 12 = Ring Size 14 (23mm)

Size 13 = Ring Size 15 (23.8mm)

Size 14 = Ring Size 16 (24.6mm)

Additional information

Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Size 9, Size 10, Size 11, Size 12, Size 13, Size 14


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