Fresh Hog Bladders, 6-8 Kilo (For 8-12# Culatello)

Fresh Hog Bladders, 6-8 Kilo (For 8-12# Culatello)


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It has taken months for us to get this product, and we are so lucky to have gotten one barrel from Europe. These are 6-8 Kilo size FRESH bladders! For the longest time all we had to off was the 10 Kilo dried bladders for Culatello or any larger muscle. Well, sometime the dried sow bladders are just way to big for certain projects. Also, the dried sow bladders do not stretch no matter how long you soak them for, where as the fresh stretch very nicely around your product. These are the happy medium… We now have the 3-4 Kilo size for small projects up to a Fiocco, the 6-8 Kilo for you average Heritage breed Culatello up to about a 12# average, and then the 10 Kilo dried sow for your extra large projects.

Sold in bags 10 each bags.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 1.9 in

10 ea/bag


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