Lombardo Peperoncino Dolce di Calabria – Sweet (Whole / QuarteredPeppers) – 1000g/bag

Lombardo Peperoncino Dolce di Calabria – Sweet (Whole / QuarteredPeppers) – 1000g/bag


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These are whole, Calabrian peppers imported from one of the best companies producing high quality peppers in Italia. Their flavor is king out of all the pepper products we carry, and are essential in making traditional inspired recipes from Calabria; such as ‘Nduja. It is best to rehydrate them first, and then grind them with your meat for even distribution. You can even grind them yourself and make a powder for any style Soppressata.

Sold as is in 1000g bags.

When using pepper powders it is important to remember that if you go above 2% of powder the texture of the Soppressata will suffer greatly, as the particles will interfere with the bind of the meat as it dries. This causes the salami to be crumbly, and when you slice will fall apart. It is our recommendation that you keep pepper powder products to a max of 1.5% in any mix or combination to avoid this textural issue.

If using to make ‘Nduja the above rule does not apply as the fat percentage is so high we do not need to be concerned with poor binding. ‘Nduja contains 20-30% Calabrian pepper products by green weight of the meat, and the fat percentage must be very high to keep the product spreadable. Fat percentages vary, but the general amount is between 80-90% fat. Fat can be from pork jowls, fatty pork belly, fat back, or fatty trim.

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