Arcobaleno Model ASC420 Compact Sheeter (16.5″) “NONNA”

Arcobaleno Model ASC420 Compact Sheeter (16.5″) “NONNA”

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“The absolutely ONLY counter top sheeter of it’s kind that can sheet THICK DOUGH!”
• 2 pass sheeter with large dough thickness opening
• Roller opening: 0 – 5/8″ (0-15mm)
• Dough sheet width: 16.5″
• Patented dough thickness adjustment
• Easy-to-use, versatile sheeter for pasta & doughs
• Ergonomic! Ultra compact design

■ Dough roller are manufactured in solid stainless steel rollers
with a diameter of 60mm (2.5”) and a working length of
420mm (16.5”) for uniform sheeting even with thicknesses
of a few tenths of a millimeter
■ Compact to take up minimal space on the worktop
■ Fast removal of the “dough scrapers” so that they can be
thoroughly cleaned every day and easily be replaced
■ Allows feeding in dough up to a thickness of 40mm featuring a
second in feed very close to the sheeting rollers for pastry
thinner than 10mm in order to prevent crumpling the pastry
and hence an uneven thickness. With these two independent
in feeds, it is like having two machines in one!
■ Dough thickness adjustment system allows for effortlessly
changing the roller opening from zero to 15mm.
■ Excellent dough handling thanks to the two idle drive rollers
coupled to the dough in feed chute
■ Easy roller parallelism adjustment without having to remove
any guard

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