Arcobaleno Model ASC320 Sheeter (12.5″) “GIULIA”

Arcobaleno Model ASC320 Sheeter (12.5″) “GIULIA”

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■ Industrial grade, compact counter top Dough Sheeter
■ The perfect kitchen tool for chef’s restaurants, food service,
hospitality, gourmet shops and supermarkets!
■ Practical & easy to use versatile sheeter for pasta & bread dough’s
■ Rolls dough up to 12” in width
■ Sheeting Roller Opening 0 – 3/8”
■ Dough sheet thickness is adjustable simple hand
adjustment for exact uniform dough thickness
■ 4 different pasta cutter molds: 2mm (3/32”), 4mm (5/32”),
6mm (1/4”) and 12mm (7/16”) (optional)
■ Quickens the process of handmade ravioli, cannelloni,
lasagna and more!
■ Micro Safety Guard Switch- when the guard is opened,
the power supply to the machine disconnects

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