Arcobaleno Model AEX30 (Up to 30#/hr) “STELLA”

Arcobaleno Model AEX30 (Up to 30#/hr) “STELLA”

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■ Automatically mixes and extrudes all-in-one
■ Over 100 dies to choose from
■ Includes automatic cutting knife for short pastas
■ Water cooling feature to help maintain a constant extrusion
temperature with digital temperature readout
■ Industrial, high-torque motor
■ Stainless steel hopper
■ Removable auger & stainless steel mixing arm for easy cleaning
■ Crumbly dough mixture is extruded through a solid bronze
die to create over 100 possible pasta shapes
■ Portable, compact & versatile machine is easy-to-use

Optional Features & Accessories
☐ APC-8 Mobile pasta cart with 8 trays
☐ APC-20 Mobile pasta cart with 20 trays
☐ Extruder dies with Teflon inserts
☐ Cooling water tank with recirculating pump
& automatic on/off feature
☐ Lasagna sheet die with 7˝ dough width and
Adjustable Thickness: 1/32” – 3/16”
☐ Rolling pin for lasagna sheet die
☐ Pasta trays – solid and perforated

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