Polyphosphates in Meat Systems and Brines

Polyphosphates in Meat Systems and Brines
June 24, 2018 Admin
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Information on Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Phosphates act to increase the water holding capacity of meat raising the pH of the meat, and by forcing the proteins apart, which in turn allows water to move in between protein molecules. By raising the pH of the meat we increase the water binding properties of the proteins. Phosphates are used in meat products for preservation of natural flavors.

Added benefits include:

  • Increased moisture retention, which reduces cook-cool losses (decreasing shrinkage) thereby improving yield without a wet “glossy” appearance.
  • Developing an intense cured pigment (by reducing nitrite residuals).
  • Inhibiting rancidity of fat and “warmed-over flavour” development in re-heated product.

Please remember that maximum usage levels for phosphates in meat products are 0.5% (8 oz per 100 lbs, 500 grams per 100 kg) of your finished products. Our specialty phosphates have a recommended usage level of 0.35%, due to their higher-than-average functionality.

To calculate phosphate levels for your brine, the formula is:


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